Friday, October 9, 2009

Vacation pictures, Hoye-Crest MD (3)

These are from Hoye-Crest, MD and the road leading up to it. Hoye-Crest is the highest point in Maryland. We had some false leads on the map getting there and ended up in a field. But then we found it. You pull off the highway 219 just after leaving Maryland and you see a wooden sign the size of a license plate nailed to a tree that says "Highest Point in Maryland." Ditch the car, walk uphill over rocks for a mile and a half, wonder why you ever thought of this, and get to an excellent view. Oh, and trails marked "moderate" mean moderate for people who routinely hike. It's a good thing the other summits had parking and access roads, or this would have been our only stop. But for all that, it was gorgeous. We had a picnic lunch on the summit, and coming down was a lot easier than going up. Then we went on to Blackwater Falls.

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  1. Oh, and that mailbox holds a guestbook. The stone marker is the WV/MD border marker.